KQED – can you believe it goes on, and on………….

It really is hard to believe it, but KDED continues to charge my credit card month on month. And they have sent me another missive, pleading for more money!

It is hard to know what more I CAN do. I have written to the head of radio, JoAnne Wallace; I have written to the membership department (including copies of all previous communications), and STILL KQED writes to me.

I see that the page with the individuals who are responsible for what has gone, or at least I can’t find it; so perhaps my letters did have some effect – KQED don’t want me taking up the valuable time of their people! I jest of course, it would be nice to think that feedback from a ‘Member’ would be the most valuable commodity that KQED could find, but I don’t fool myself that anyone has taken any action.

Still, it does emphasize again and again, the points I have made in this and the previous posts. An organization that is not in touch with it’s customers doesn’t deserve to succeed. Perhaps that’s the lesson for all of us. When I was in a corporate position, every time I had a poor experience I would think ‘How do we look to our customers, are we as bad as this?’ That’s why I replied to EVERY comment and complaint personally – we often did small things like sending a beer cooler or logoed item as a ‘thankyou’ for bringing a problem to and as letting us fix it.

I’ll own up here, there are, I think, two complaints I didn’t respond to in my time as the head of marketing and sales at that organization. I always tried to, even where some were of questionable authenticity. I tried to reply in tone, but one did completely fox me. It was a request to rename part of the UNIX operating system known as a ‘deamon’ as it conflicted with their religious views. To this day I do not know if it was serious or a joke, but I keep it still!

So, I see that there is a pres@kqed.org (which interestingly is not noted as the president’s email, but the ‘office of the president’. I’m thinking I’ll send an email linking to this blog entry and sit back and wait.

My sweepstake starts here…….

Turn on your ears and react to your customers. All of us. All the time.

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