Bose exceed expectations again!

I’ve commented on my satisfaction with Bose (and triggered comments to the contrary from others!) and the fact that premium products and pricing do – in this case at least – equal outstanding service!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my experience with Magnolia. I bit the bullet (really I got fed up of walking to the Bose unit to change volume or CD, rather than doing it remotely!) so I called Bose customer support. After one poor experience – the guy wouldn’t tell me if they could help, just insisted that I call when I’m alongside the unit – I explained the problem and the rep explained that they would need to have the unit back for an out of warranty repair. But get this, they would refurbish and set to new specs the whole unit, warrant if for 12 months and ship it back to me for $165.

That seems remarkable value to me!

I was a little concerned that I didn’t have the shipping cartons and asked if I could drop it at a Bose outlet store. “Oh, that’s no problem, I’ll ship you the box, packing instructions and everything you need overnight.” And he did! The empties arrived, I packed the unit up and shipped it to Bose – the cheapest UPS ground I could find was $55!

Two weeks later (my outbound package was so cheap it too a week to get there), I get a note that it is complete and on the way back. By UPS overnight no less!

I have no idea how Bose can ship (an albeit empty) huge carton – that weighs over 50lbs at a guess when the unit is in it – overnight, repair and warranty my unit and overnight it back . All for $165 – and Bose took the replacement remote back and credited me in full.

I like this company!

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