Golden Rule – again

I’ve talked a lot about the Golden Rule – ‘treat others as you wish to be treated’ (what my mum used to quote, from the Water Babies I seem to recall “Mrs. Do As You Would Be Done By’) – because it seems to me to be the fundamental ethical plank for all businesses. Or it should be.

The one below made me laugh out loud. I visited a local web lately looking for a massage therapist and noticed that the practitioner is applying for a patent to protect their method. Wellness is a business where ethics are pretty important one would think. And a competitive edge could be important.

But perhaps relying on intellectual property protection – through a patent – is not the best thing to do whilst ripping off someone else’s image for your web site.


Mrs Do As You Would Be Done By should be paying a call! Does your web site send dissonant messages to your visitors? Are you sure? Have you tested with real users?