Selling Bricks

Apple are the master storytellers and they DO do it with video more than most other organizations (and yes, I am a fan boy, I’ll be picking my iPad up at 9AM tomorrow). … The (rumored) sales Figure was over $75million in the weekend it was available to order.    So let’s hope that OgilvyOne do a bit more to develop sales skills in the wider world than a flashy piece of PR.

Golden Rule – again

I’ve talked a lot about the Golden Rule – ‘treat others as you wish to be treated’ (what my mum used to quote, from the Water Babies I seem to recall “Mrs. Do As You Would Be Done By’) – because it seems to me to be the fundamental ethical plank for all businesses. Or…

Where is YOUR advertising dollar going?

I collected mail from a PO box today and was once again struck how many people did what I did. I struggled to get the mail out of the small box; not because there was a lot of mail in there, simply because of all the unsolicited brochures, mailers, junk flyers etc. … There are big tables and very large trash bins, as far as I ca see only to serve to sort the wheat from the chaff and to dump the chaff. … is when the recipient sorts through to ensure that there is no real mail in the middle of this stuff.

Decide who (or what) you are….

An aside, that seems like a horribly negative name, perhaps that’s why the keep telling us (on NPR within the last hour) that they used to be Horn, Murdoch, Cole. … Not what they stand for, why I should get to know them, but who they haven’t been for over TWO years. … This stuff is not that hard, You do work hard to define the business you are in, the way you relate to your customers, what your products and services are; and then you tell them the story, over and over again. … It’s not that legacy should be forgotten, but there are few, very few, organizations for whom it should, or can, be the marketing route to the future.

Renault in Los Angeles

I was in the UK this week – I’m always fascinated to watch the TV ads and see the differences in approach between the UK and the US. One ad that really grated was a Renault car ad – it will become clear why! The premise of that ad is a tour bus taking visitors…