Sometimes cries are heard….

In my new non-corporate life I spend two days a week making a living as a photographer and fine artist (links are on the right of the page). That’s the theory anyway!

I purchased an essential tool at the end of last year, Epson’su new 3800 Pro printer. I anguished over this as I ‘know’ that it makes more sense to print via a specialist printer, but I went ahead anyway. I set up the machine and it will not work on the network (PC to switch to printer). Now I rate myself as fairly tech savvy, but nothing I could do to get it working.

I called the local dealer from whom it was purchased. They passed me around, but the gist was ‘It’s new, we don’t have one here, we don’t know anything about it. Talk to Epson.’

I did.

Epson couldn’t fix it either. ‘You have a network problem, use a USB cable’. Hmmmm. At least I could print from ONE machine, but my studio partner could not.

I pressed on, frustrated, annoyed. I tried a couple of email lists I’m on and had a bunch of suggestions, but none of them fixed the problem. A new thread emerged on the list, about the dealer from whom I had purchased the machine. I commented on my experience and stated that my ‘support local business’ policy was over!

I got an email from the dealer, who also reads the list. He got one of Epson’s senior support folks (Rob) to call me and we are troubleshooting (so far over three hours of phone calls). We can’t find the problem, but at least Epson are in the loop and Rob and I regard this as a personal challenge. Perhaps it’s because we are both Brits who hate it when machines don’t do as they are told……

No call back or email form the dealer to see if the problem was fixed though……….

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