KQED: Non Profit update…..

It did cross my mind to wonder if I had been a little harsh on KQED in my earlier post. I decided not, and resolved to grovel if I got a response from their General Manager….

Well, I got something, but not what I was hoping…… Last week a letter arrived stating that they hadn’t heard from me, and enclosing the same text as the last letter, (translation – ‘you haven’t sent any money’), which is patently untrue, I sent a detailed letter. To which I have had no response.

It seems to me that this cycle illustrates the points I was making much more eloquently than I did in my post. KQED writes, I reply and they write telling me that they haven’t heard from me. It reinforces that there is no conversation, I’m not looked upon as a ‘member’, but as a revenue source plain and simple.

Make it so, stop pretending that I am a member.

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