Tracks Are Dangerous!!!

I’m a fan of Michael Robertson – I subscribe to his ‘Michael’s Minute‘ and admire his drive to break the status quo and agree with many of his articles. Interestingly, as I realize when writing this, I have subscribed to only a few of his companies services and not stuck with them, why is that? I shall ponder and pontificate in a later blog perhaps.

I got Michael’s latest missive and his premise is that you should buy a CD from them, AnywhereCD and get not only the CD, but also the MP3 as a download. Now that appeals to me! But……

The reason I like this idea is that when I try to buy a track from the local classical radio station KDFC (Get this music right now!!!) – I have to place an order for a CD and it takes whatever time to ship to me. In contrast, I can go to Apple and download it in an instant. Hmmmmmm, let me think…….

Now, along comes Michael with the perfect combination – get an MP3 online and get the CD as well. Fantastic! But, oh the user experience. The top selling album still (and I waited a couple of weeks before posting this) still has Track 01, Track 02 in the listings for the album. There are many in classical like that. And of the THREE opera recordings available (yes I do mean that there are only THREE) each and every one has the same problem.

To be balanced, in Rock and Pop there is a much wider selection and better tagged, though even there Mark Knopfler’s One Take Radio Sessions suffer the same fate.

So, in short I love the idea but execution is sadly lacking. Sorry, Michael

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