Amazon – Why not Comment on Service

As regular readers will know, I’m an avid customer of Amazon I love the books section and buy most from there. I do however, buy other things through merchants there form time to time.

As you may know, the buyer is asked to comment on the purchase after the event. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences recently (one will be written up here shortly) and so I clicked the link. The problem I had was with the merchant not with the product. However, Amazon’s system will only let me comment on the product not with the service which is where the problems were.

I can’t understand why Amazon would do that, after all the customer experience is often marred or made by the service – irrespective of how good the product is.

Bad system Amazon.

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2 Replies to “Amazon – Why not Comment on Service”

  1. The customer’s perception of a brand includes both the use of the product and how the supplier stands behind the product. For example, I’m not sure Apple products are singificantly more dependable than other brand-name computer vendors’ products, but the fact that I’ll get good support if needed gives me greater confidence and therefore brand loyalty.

    So, if I had a bad support experience with a purchase made through Amazon, I’d provide the feedback on the product – you’re doing the next buyer a favor.

    Amazon does solicit feedback on vendors, BTW, at

  2. A good thought! Not sure why I didn’t get to that place. I did feel that labeling the product (which can be obtained from many vendors) with the problem service might be a bit unfair, but hey maybe that will pressure Amazon to do the right thing 🙂

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