KQED The Final Frontier…..

Once again, life shows how good people make the difference. Compare and contrast as the marketing exams used to say….

Those of you following the KQED saga will know that I spent most of this year trying to get our local PBS station to pay attention. The steps in the saga are listed earlier in this blog if you don’t recall…..
I posted my previous post and it actually struck a chord! I got a comment to the blog post that said:

“Hi. I just ran across your posts. I run Internet group for KQED. I’m sorry you are having a bad experience with KQED customer service. I’d be glad to help, send me an email at xxxxxx [at] kqed dot org and I’ll see what I can do to help or send me your phone number and I’ll give you a call.”

Turns out that this is the interactive director for KQED and from our email exchanges, seems very aware of modern techniques and how to go about engaging and turning and audience into participants (and I hope, donors). I hope he succeeds….

The email I sent as a result of his interventions show how big a task he has in front of him:

“Hi XXXXXX the miracle worker!
You have done what no one else can do, and sparked KQED into action. But oh boy, even when complying your organization reinforces my points wonderfully!

I got a letter that stated ‘Your card has been credited with $48’. That was about it.

I hope you make progress in getting KQED to indulge in dialog, and if you ever need professional support in doing so, please let me know.

Cheers and thanks”

So out of a huge organization, it looks like the ID is the only one who ‘gets it’. I hope he sticks in there and makes progress. The problem in my experience is, that the organization often grinds down the new thinker, – the one who gets it – and eventually they become brainwashed or leave.

That’s the danger we need to watch out for, that new blood, the fresh ideas, the ‘outsider’ needs to be given room to bring the organization to a new, better, more customer focussed place….

What does your organization do?

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