Business Week catches up?

Stephen Wildstrom, whose column in Business Week I read every week, got to talking about the non-technical aspects of tech in a recent article. I’m delighted that the mainstream press – and especially someone as well informed and as widely read as Wildstrom – is picking up on design issues. I hope he gets to the whole of the user experience (rather than just the – important – aspect of design), as tech is the area that needs it more than most. Design needs to be applied to the WHOLE user experience – from start to finish – in the same manner as the product and the packaging. That has been my theme here since day one. It will remain so! I comment in Wildstrom’s blog with a link back to this article that I wrote in August 2006. Let’s see if it makes it through the moderation process as I included a link to my original article. It often feels like a slog to get organizations to confront the customer’s truth, but hey maybe it is starting to happen! Onward and upward!

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