I’ve been an admirer and customer of Nordstrom for many years and have always loved the service.

I’ve bought Faconnable clothes there and at the Faconnable flagship store in New York. I’d always suspected a strong connection between the two, as the receipts form the NY store (which is exclusively Faconnable) carried the Nordstrom name.

Nordstrom take their data about me and my privacy seriously it seems. Today I got an envelope containing a card and a prepaid (with a real stamp on it), addressed envelope.

The card explained that Nordstrom is selling it’s stake in Faconnable and that they want explicit permission (or not) for Faconnable to be able to send material to me. Only with this explicit permission will they transfer my details to Faconnable.

Why? Because ‘we respect the privacy of your personal information’

There are a few companies that could learn from Nordstrom. They are living the values that they espouse – even when there is little chance of it ever becoming public that such a transfer of data happened.

Well done Nordstrom!