What’s in it for me?

There has been a lot of fuss about Kelly Blazek’s response to an unsolicited email and whilst her response may be a little harsh, there are a couple of valid issues here that are going unaddressed, One thought is that Politeness – in all directions – is a rare commodity.  If you do something for me,…

We are REALLY sorry, now about that hard sell?

Some weeks ago I received the attached message and new credit card form Citicards: Security Notice I was not happy to hear that my personal data may have been compromised, but at least I live in a State that requires that a company tell me when such an event happens. In too many places that is still not the case and such an event can be quietly forgotten, more than six years after California became the first state to require such disclosure. … If one of my clients is ever in that situation my advice is to apologize, be contrite and ask what the company can do to make amends. … And to add insult to injury, I can no longer download transactions from my Citicard account into Quicken which I use for my business and personal finances. 12 weeks later, I still can’t.

All Our Yesterdays – Trade Shows

It was a case of recalling all my past learning and trying to formalize that so that we made the investment worthwhile.In the middle of the planning, I attended macWorld in San Francisco…. I’ll focus on the sins I saw:* I’m a big Tivo fan and TivoToGo has just been announced for the Mac.