All Our Yesterdays – Trade Shows

It was a case of recalling all my past learning and trying to formalize that so that we made the investment worthwhile.In the middle of the planning, I attended macWorld in San Francisco…. I’ll focus on the sins I saw:* I’m a big Tivo fan and TivoToGo has just been announced for the Mac.

I take it all – well nearly all – back

So, when planning for a two week trip to Europe I bought the travel adapter kit and tried, tried very hard, to buy an adapter for use on the flight.There is no such animal.I have used the iGo Juice for many years and like it…. They recommend a Kensington inverter that plugs into the airline outlet and into which I plug the regular Apple power supply.

Details, details….

It’s all in the details…. The customer experience that is. After a couple of years of getting the email information from they finally made me an offer that hooked me. If I sign up for their platinum service, I get 24 credits and a free iPod Nano. The iPod alone costs $199 from research…

Advertising in the 21st Century

The latest “ruse” they have employed is to get actors to speak about products as part of the script….Jay Rosen talks in ‘People Formerly Known as the Audience’ about the shift in power and that once control is ceded to ‘the masses’ it cannot be regained…. So compelling ads are not enough – there needs to be some good hook.Also, in the Mac spoof noted above, the company Truenuff included a link along with all the spoof ads.

The Coffee Rant

You know, I’m getting to the stage where I KNOW I inhabit a different world than everyone else. Up until I got older, I used to only suspect that that was the case. Now I know it. I’m turning into a curmudgeon – what am I going to be like when I get old? I’m…