Truth in all its Glory!

However, I do think that the poor product marketers responsible for Quaker Instant Oatmeal have had to carry this a little too far – something you never thought you would hear me say! … It struck me how different the two – at first glance – similar product packages were and I wondered if this was legal advice at work, or whether someone in the product department was being overzealous.

Smart Marketing Bose

They are a nice device and work well on aeroplanes (I got them after leaving TWO pairs of in ear noise-reduction headsets on aircraft inadvertently – never to be seen again).

…And it is clear that if you can get customers to try – especially when corralled for a long time in a perfect trial environment – they will buy.

Renault in Los Angeles

I was in the UK this week – I’m always fascinated to watch the TV ads and see the differences in approach between the UK and the US. One ad that really grated was a Renault car ad – it will become clear why! The premise of that ad is a tour bus taking visitors…